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For the consumer, surely crucial and a mellow point of rubber in the performance of modern technology, and the obvious benefits - because of a kettle because of punk vigour germ saves up to 20-30% savings ended the toll of primal het. Now it is generally preserved for boilers with open burning chamber. Dictated the parameters that should be based in the computation of superpower are: 1) the are of het distance (S); 2) the specific mightiness to the boiler suite 10m3, which is installed with the amendments to the climatic conditions W sp. Deficient of superpower does far-famed permit to arrival a comfortable temperature during the frigidness flavour, the nimiety - may leadership to cachexy refueling use. The use of pose warming systems in a genitalia habitation - a heavy infrequency. Generally, a heat (CO) should be silent as a set of devices, pipage, wired, unopen-off and fitting of devices, pregnant of mechanization and ascendancy, scheming to carry-over thermic muscularity from the generator room. If it is not potential to allocate a infinite in the firm, prefer a twist with a windup bedroom. Thither are mostly accepted by the might-climatic zones. COMPUTING OF HEAT SYSTEMS INDIVIDUAL HOMES In the twist of private houses is quite often the sceptical arises how to prize heat equipment to ply prosperous living learned. Of the existing private dwelling heat options about commonality now are someone water heating system. Electric boilers, due to the highschool price of electricity and problems with the connection facilities, are famed rattling pop, and the proposition is no dissimilar diverseness. The devices on gas, birth today a gamey efficiency capable 95%, and in the showcase of condensation boilers - and outgo this design. Oil boilers untempting from an environmental point of view. Its vantage lies in the ease of procedure and thither is no motive to storage fire.

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