Ecologists have found luxury cottages on the pipeline in the “Losiny Island”

Union activists environmental NGOs found that prevents the oil pipeline repair Yaroslavl to Moscow on the site, passing through the territory of national park “Elk Island”. At the reserve ecologists have discovered the structure of elite kottedzhi. Mnogie stand directly above the trunk pipeline, which is in urgent need of repair. Further delay to repair an oil spill threatened and man-made disaster. “The pipeline is not repaired 30 years, if not urgently take the necessary measures in the national park erupt environmental disaster”, “- said the expert alliance of environmental NGOs Dmitri Kalinin. “We went through the pipeline and what he saw amazed us. Cottages, baths and garages are on the same line of the pipeline, half of the territory enclosed by fences. Who and on what grounds has issued a building permit and is now repairing the pipeline – it is not clear, “- says Kalinin. Eksperty reported that a gated development of 35 houses of spontaneous development. Located in a conservation area of national park “Elk Island”. Five houses in height more than 2 floors located in the buffer zone line of the pipeline, and actually stand on the oil pipe. Average cost of houses found, each of which has an area of 200 square meters, according to the Moscow real estate is more than 20 million rubley. Ekologam able to talk with the owner of one of the cottages. Nicholas, the owner of three-storey mansion, told the activists that he has all the necessary documents issued by the Balashikha administration. According to him, he was the fourth owner of this home over the past few years. “Transneft”, the company operating the pipeline, and asked Rosprirodnazor Genprokuraturuproverit legality of the construction of houses on the territory of “the elk island” in neposredstvennoyblizosti from the pipeline. The Company believes that it is associated with this delay a decision on the main pipeline repairs nefteprovoda.Po Yaroslavl – Moscow receives half of the raw materials of the Moscow Oil Refinery in Kapotnya. The pipeline was built in 1978, and has now come to the emergency condition. Part of the pipeline passes through the national park “Elk Island”, which prohibited any raboty. Ranee environmentalists sent a request to the appropriate rundown line in the “Transneft”. But it turned out that the operating company for two years waiting on the Ministry of Natural Resources permits, which would allow it to replace the emergency section of the pipe. In February, the corresponding order was given to the MEP, but the issue is still unresolved. “Transneft” intends to cease operation of the pipeline to avoid an accident with an oil spill. The representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources previously reported that the agency in late March, has made the necessary changes in the position of the national park, “Elk Island”. The site of the pipeline, “Yaroslavl-Moscow” is included in the zone of economic purposes, which allowed the construction, reconstruction, repair and operation of business and residential properties. However, the situation has not yet passed the state registration. The reason for the delay refers to the source of errors in preparing the case dokumenta.V stop pumping oil through a pipeline, “Yaroslavl – Moscow” fuel production at the Moscow refinery may be reduced by half. At the refinery accounts for one third of the Moscow market of high-octane gasoline, and about 17% aviakerosina.


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